Welcome! I’m Kristen and we are the House of Hatton.

In our family we have two clubs: The Silly Club and The Serious Club.  Who belongs in which club has been subject of much debate.  Originially, I was the president and sole member of the Serious Club.  However, to the pleasant surprise of my husband and kids, I’ve become more “fun” over the years. Now I am not only in the Silly Club, but I am giving my youngest a run for his money to be president of it!

I tell you this not as trivial information about us, but because I believe the reason I am a little more laid back and not so serious all the time stems from a growing awareness of God’s grace. I know that may sound strange, but grace has freed me from the bondage of perfectionism and performance. Realizing his perfect performance for me means I don’t have to perform perfectly, measure up to a certain standard or consume myself with what other people think of me. And this has led to greater contentment and joy!  

This grace that is changing me is what I write about in hopes others would also know the freedom that comes in living under the smile of God instead of fearing His and others’ constant judgement.  The truth is we are in more desperate need of a Savior than we even know, but at the same time more deeply loved than we could ever imagine! 

So can we take off the masks and stop pretending? Let’s instead share our brokenness, admit our need and come alongside one another by building our messy lives around the gospel of Christ. Only in Him will we find life. 

This reality is something we talk a lot about in our family – around the dinner table with our three teenagers. Having these types of deeper, heart conversations is something I love about parenting teens. Not that it’s always easy, as you know if your have teenagers! But now is not the time to check out so we keep pursuing. Truth is, they need us more than ever, even though they are more independent than they’ve been before.  

Apart from being a present mom, you should know I’m the wife of  pastor.  But again, don’t think we are void of the same struggles and sin of any other family. Hopefully if you read here long enough you will see that to be true!

When I’m not writing, wearing my mom hat or in my pastor’s wife role, I love to exercise, cook, host parties of all sizes, and travel. Oh, and I am also an Anthropologie shopgirl. Even a pastor’s wife likes to look cute!

I’ld love to hear from you at any time. You can connect with me through the Contact page. Also, you should know I have some affiliate links on my site, which costs you nothing but allows me a tiny sliver of income for indirectly marketing a book or other product.

May you find refreshment here as we grow together in grace.



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  1. I love your Blog! I’m so glad Erin guided me to it! And thank you for helping Erin’s dream come true! It was a true blessing from our awesome God!!!

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