What Stressed Out Kids Need From Their Parents


Kids are stressed out. Their stress level on par with adult’s level of stress (which is hard to comprehend when we know “adulting” includes the stress of jobs, relationships, finances, health, home maintenance, lack of time and on and on). But one of the biggest contributing factors to their stress may surprise you…

Discover what my own stressed out daughter clued me into last spring… over at Rooted Ministry.

When We Forget Our Worth is Not Based On Others’ Opinions


A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to teens at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. My topic was the same as what I just presented to youth leaders at a conference workshop, and the basis of my upcoming book. A topic I’m passionate for teenagers to get: Finding true identity and worth in Christ. But teenagers aren’t the […]

A Year of Getting Your Story Straight


October 12th, 2015… I thought the date would never come. After an almost three-year-long process from proposal to writing, to then editing and marketing I counted down the days until October 12th – the day my first book, Get Your Story Straight, would be released. And so did my husband (aka my resident theologian!) who devoted LOTS of his time […]

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