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Face Time Podcast Episode 002: Striving for Perfection with Mary Carlisle Crehore

Today Mary Carlisle Crehore from the RUF campus ministry at the University of Texas is with me as my second Face Time podcast guest. She knows well the pressure to be perfect – the same goal so many teen and college girls are striving to attain. But Mary Carlisle can now reflect back on her years in high school and as a Vanderbilt University student to see the self-imposed standards she was living under for what they were. You will hear her talk honestly about the shame she carried, and the anxiety and fear that stole peace from her in the quest for perfection.

In case you missed the first episode with Martha Kate Stainsby on trying to be good enough as it relates to self-worth, body image and eating disorders you can listen to it: here. The idea behind each of these podcasts is to share the stories of young adult women who endured past struggled with various issues common to teen girls.

I hope for the parent listener and for the teenager, you will glean insight into the mindset (or the root) underneath these struggles as you listen to my guests discuss the lies they were believing about themselves and how they tried to secure an identity in false ways. And then as you hear how the reorienting truth of who Jesus is broke into their hearts, my prayer is you will feel better equipped and hope-filled to speak the gospel into the heart of your daughter or to yourself.

Thank you, Mary Carlisle, for sharing your story!

Show Notes:

  • To learn more about RUF, the college ministry Mary Carlisle was apart of as a college student and now as an intern go to: RUF.org
  • The favorite book referenced by Mary Carlisle is: Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters by Courtney Martin
  • Scripture references for further reflection: Zephaniah 3:17 and Psalm 139
Mary Carlisle is from Charlotte, NC, graduated from Vanderbilt University, and now lives in Austin, TX as an RUF Intern at the University of Texas. She spends her days being outdoors as much as possible, running perpetually 10 minutes late, dancing in the car, getting excited about puppies and hanging with students and pizza. Her life goals are to love God and people more than she loves herself and to love the parts of herself and others that she finds unlovable (which will probably take her whole life). She loves to sail and gather around tables with friends and eat delicious food.

Face Time Podcast Episode 001: Trying to Be Good Enough with Martha Kate Stainsby

In anticipation of my new book, Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World, debuting in just FOUR weeks I will be sharing four companion podcasts (one each week) over the next four weeks. While the book is not topical per se, there are specific teen issues addressed as they pertain to the book’s overarching theme on identity and worth.

Each of my podcast guests are young women in their 20’s who graciously share their perspective on teen struggles. For some this includes their own stories of seeking an identity in false sources, how Jesus set them free and helped them see their true worth in him. Like today, in my inaugural podcast episode 001 Martha Kate Stainsby joins me to discuss her past struggles with an eating disorder, body image and perfectionism. She shares with us what lies she believed to be true and the truth that brought her to a place of healing. Great insight for moms of teen girls, and for girls who may be struggling with similar issues.

I hope you’ll take the time to listen -when you’re in your car, your kitchen or taking a walk; just click the play button on the picture below.  If you find it helpful, would you share this podcast post on social media or with a friend? And then be sure to pre-order your copy of Face Time on Amazon here.

Show Notes:
Martha Kate is an eating disorder survivor & advocate. Martha Kate is a writer, who has written for various publications, including being a Huffington Post Contributor. She loves people and especially loves working with young women. Martha Kate resides in Waco, Texas where she lives with her husband Brett. Read her blog at www.leavingperfectionlearninggrace.com.