Listen In: A Face Time Podcast Interview

Over the last six to eight weeks surrounding the release of Face Time, you’ve possibly seen posts from the fun book release parties and speaking I’ve done, but I’ve also spent quite a bit of time hunkered down with my laptop writing extra articles for various publications, in addition to keeping up my own blog. I’m not complaining, it’s part of what comes with a book. But, it is time now for a little siesta.

During this short hiatus from posting any new articles here (unless something strikes me and I can’t help but write) I will instead share a few podcasts I have recently been interviewed on. This week I hope you will listen in to The Heart Lesson’s Podcast with host Sarah Rieke. We talk about the book, issues of identity and worth as it pertains to teenagers, but also to adults. And we hit on my recent blog series about what parents can do now to shape the teen years ahead.

The Heart Lessons Podcast // Episode Thirty-Seven // True Identity in a Selfie World

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