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Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat… It’s fun to be connected, but it’s also a lot of pressure isn’t it? Social media constantly reminds you what others are doing, how they look, and who they are with. As you check your accounts (all the time!) it can be easy to think you aren’t measuring up to those you are following and to wonder who you really are and if you are measuring up to those around you.

Of course wanting to feel accepted and understood is not new, but the fast-paced world of social media highlights the struggle to find something (anything), that gives a sense of worth and identity. An easy solution to the problem? You can cover it up with risky behavior, keep busy with more and more activities, diet until you drop and then binge, or even try self-harm. But none of those things can make you feel comfortable in your own skin (at least not for long). The real issue of your identity— who you are and who you want to become—can be covered up for only so long.

Kristen Hatton, a trustworthy guide for teens, wants girls to have the deep security, value, worth, love, and acceptance that they long for. But she points them in a different direction than they might expect. Instead of looking within, she helps them to look up—to the one who made them and cares for them through all of the ups and downs of their lives. In this easy-to-read guide, Kristen Hatton takes girls on a step-by-step, hope-filled journey toward understanding who they are, who loves them, and how to live out of that love every day. To read endorsements click here.


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Everyone has a story, but not everyone has their story straight—and teenagers are no exception! Today’s selfie culture fuels ongoing confusion about identity and purpose, and teens are left to assume that they are ultimately responsible to make life work, find meaning, and hope for the best when they mess up. When it’s all about you, it’s also all up to you. Right?

This one-of-a-kind devotional book rescues teens from the selfie culture, inviting them to live with Jesus in his gospel story—where they can know that their sins are forgiven, their future is assured, and their lives have meaning. While this yearlong study is designed for individual devotional use, it would work particularly well for small group discussion led by a mentor. And can be equally beneficial for adult readers. To read endorsements click here.

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