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If The Boo-Boo Bunny Still Worked

Not too long ago I remember putting bandaids on my children’s fingers and handing them the “boo-boo bunny” to miraculously make everything better. Back then I always knew where they were, who they were with, what they were doing, and that they were safe. Every night I tucked them into bed tight.

But slowly, very quickly actually, things changed.

No longer can I make everything better. I don’t always know where they are, who they are with, what they are doing, or if they are safe. And with one in college, I can’t even always be present to take care of things.

This of course is a normal, natural reality. As kids grow up they become less dependent. It is meant to be this way. But as any parent with grown up (or semi-grown up) kids will attest, they will never not still be our babies, which means our hearts will always, forever still long to protect, rescue and care for. Knowing we can’t is hard. Some days – some seasons – harder than others.

It’s not that I want to roll back time to when boo-boo bunny saved the day; I love having older kids. But being able to heal their hurt with a bandaid and bunny sounds really nice right now.

Instead my only option is to trust God as the ultimate and perfect parent to my kids. Interesting isn’t that as our kids become less dependent on us, we have to become more dependent on him. But when he doesn’t do what this parent thinks he should, my struggle is with him.

He promises to be our rock, our fortress and deliverer. Our shield and our stronghold. To lead us beside still waters and to restore our souls. We need this since his word also tells us to not be surprised by trials that come our way.  But how long we sometimes endure without seeing him be all these things for our child is excruciating.

Congnitively still, I know God is always there in the boat, steering. But visibly when waters are rising, my heart yells out for God to hurry. I know he can, so why isn’t he?

If the boo-boo bunny still worked I wouldn’t have to wrestle with these tough questions that are hard to ask. But thankfully King David shows us in the Psalms that we can.  So I will keep crying out to him to “give ear to my prayer.” In this tension of calling to him and out against him, I trust he’s using the very same circumstances of my child to show me too his “grace abounds in deepest waters.”

And isn’t this what we need to know with utmost certainty when we can’t protect, rescue or care for our child ourselves?

Parents, Don’t Hurry the Hurt

I don’t know a parent out there who doesn’t hurt bad when their child hurts. That’s part of being a parent. But as badly as I want to take the hurt from my child and wish it could be only all on me, we must not rush in to fix; to hurry the hurt. To see what I mean and why, follow me today over to Rooted Ministry where I share a revamped past article from here…. click for article.

When You Feel Like a Nobody In a World Clamoring For Fame

Last month our family snorkeled off the coast of Cancun at what is part of the world’s second largest barrier reef.  The next day we pulled on wetsuits to wade through the turquoise cenotes (natural sinkholes) in caves underneath a Mayan jungle. In these limestone caves were the most spectacular treasures of sparkling stalagmites and stalactites, and in the ocean new surprises to be seen around every fan of coral. On both days it struck me that from the above ground view you would never know what beauty lied beneath. That hidden under the sea and a remote jungle was beauty never to be seen by most people, every bit as spectacular as a sunset displayed for the whole world to see.

God could have left these hidden places void of his splendor. But when He called his creation good, it wasn’t based on how many millions would see it. It was good simply because he beautifully created it, even if not seen by a soul.

This isn’t our how our culture thinks though, is it? According to our “go big or go home” way of thinking we might even question God on his strategic marketing plan: “Wouldn’t such beauty be better placed where it could be seen by the masses?

But this same misguided mindset isn’t just in business (or ministry), it filters into our thinking – personally – in subtle ways. God created us with a longing to be known/to be seen. But we miss seeing his knowledge of us, and pleasure in us, is enough.

We’ve bought into the lie that our value is based on the recognition and accolades we receive from the world. Is it any wonder the mom making endless peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and running carpool, or the mom whose nest is nearly or now empty, might struggle with significance and contentment?

But it’s certainly not limited to moms, it’s all of us – in every field and walk of life. Just consider the explosion of reality TV stars, YouTube sensations and InstaFamous bloggers. The clamoring of teens and adults for more “likes,” more popularity/fame, more hustle, more people paying attention to us. As author Sara Hagerty writes in her new book Unseen we live as if “performance earns our keep.”

But in our search for significance we’re never completely satisfied. There’s always more to be had. But when we’re so consumed with what everyone else is doing and how we compare, we forget God divinely placed us right where we are. Some will have big audiences and lots of applause. Others will have only their small little tribe and maybe not much, or any, affirmation at all.

But he sees. He put you there. With purpose. And he delights in you, not because of what you’re doing but because he made you.

Can you believe “the One who created praise itself,” (as written by Hagerty), the one who knitted you hidden in the womb, it is he who delights in you! And he doesn’t care how many followers you have, what your platform is or how successful you are.

Do you see him standing there cheering you on? Can you hear his applause?

I hope so. Wherever you feel hidden, less significant, unproductive or not enough may you know his pleasure today and find true contentment in him.

When I think about what I saw in the ocean and in the underground caves, and when I’ve been deep in the trees on a mountain hike, or peering out at the landscape surrounding the oh so tiny Portuguese village of Marvao, I am utterly awestruck that God saw fit to place some of his most magnificent creation out of view.

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